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Membrane Filter Plate Types

Membrane filter plates are increasingly used in filter press for their good properties of short filter cycle, reduce filtrate loss and high dryness of filter cake. There are two types of membrane plates today on the market: welded and replaceable.

These two membrane filter plates have similar operation process. At the initial of low pressure of feeding, the filter chamber is quickly occupied by slurry. When the liquid volume reach 75% to 80% space of the chamber volume, its the best operation point. Expandable membrane squeezing the filter cake uniformly and quickly, and the water content of the cake will greatly drop. Hence, the operation time will be shorten largely and reduce the cost of subsequent treatment like dryness.

Although both of them are effective in separating solid and liquid, there are some differences as follows:

  • Construction
    Welded membrane plate is an integral whole of molded plate, though the material of core plate and membrane are made of different materials. They can't be separated.
    Replaceable membrane plate consists of two membranes and one core plate. They can be separated and membranes can be replaced.
  • Usage methods
    A couple of welded membranes can be used alone, while replaceable ones should cooperate with chamber plate.
  • Replaceable ability
    Welded membrane filter plate should be replaced by new one once it is damaged. However, if the membranes of replaceable plates fail, just replace the membrane.

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