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Chamber plate using advanced material exceeds expectations

Chamber filter plate is a modification of filter plate and frame. Two compacted plates create an individual chamber; filter cake produces on the plates in layer form. As the thickness of the cake increases, the permeability and flow rate decreases causing longer filtration cycles and higher operation costs.

During the later stage of filter cycle, high feed pressure is employed to dry the filter cake and this dewatering period is quite long. This period is usually called non-productive phase.

Chamber filter plates used alone are suitable for general applications where strict requirement of cake dewatering is not high.

However, combination of chamber plate and membrane plate will effectively shorten the filter cycle and save operation cost.


  • Conical pips in recessed area not only support the filter cloths but also provide a drain path for the filtrate.
  • Diverse feeding methods satisfy different purposes, such as center feed, head feed, foot feed, corner feed and external feed. Other special feed arrangements can be customized for practical purposes.
  • High pressure filtration makes the percentage of moisture of the cake far lower.
  • Maximum filtration pressure is rated at 7 bar (101 psi) or 16 bar (232 psi).
  • Maximum working temperature is up to 120°C.

Chamber recessed filter plate is a solid plate. It typically consists of feeding hole, filtering area, drain hole, sealing edge, and hard-point. The number of hard points depends on the thickness of the plate. Feed position is not fixed. Five types of feed position - central, corner, external, head and foot. The sealing edge is machined parallel to seal when the plates are pressurized.

Polypropylene (PP) is a frequent raw material of filter plate. It has chemical inertness, high resistance against oxidation, corrosive media and high temperature, light weight and high strength.
In addition, UHMW-PE and toughened rubber are specially used in harsher environments for their longer service life, excellent abrasion, chemical stabilities and higher compression strength.

Sizes and shapes
Standard sizes: 250, 400, 470, 500, 630, 800, 915, 1000, 1067, 1200, 1300, 1450, 1470, 1500 1500 × 2000 and 2000 × 2000 mm.
Standard shapes: square, rectangle and round.
Larger sizes or different shapes are customized for special orders.

A typical chamber filter plate with a central feed eye
Chamber filter plate construction
Chamber filter plate with central feed hole
Chamber filter plate is especially used in high pressure environment for its four hard points.
ALT chamber filter plate adopts head feed position with pip-shaped construction in filtering area
PP chamber filter plate with head feed eye is suitable for chemical, metallurgy, food and beverage industries.
Chamber filter plate has a feed hole in the upper right
Chamber filter plate has corner feed hole, two drain holes at the bottom, and four hard points for higher working pressure. 
Chamber plate has four 'O' ring gaskets
Chamber plate especially used in beer production for it meets with hygiene requirements.
Chamber filter plate has eight hard-points and is ideal for harsh applications
Chamber plate is especially used in Alumina industry.
Chamber filter plate filtering area covered by grooves
Chamber filter plate engineered with grooves in filtering area to satisfy with special usage.
Round chamber filter plate with central feed hole
Round chamber filter plate is available in special applications where need round plate is necessary.

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