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Welded membrane plate total separation of media and filtrate

Welded membrane filter plate consists of core plate and membrane
Welded membrane filter plate construction.

Welded membrane filter plate is the top priority when selecting a filter plate, for it significantly shortens the filter cycle by skipping the non-productive phase of pressure filtration. A couple of welded membrane plates can be used alone or combined with chamber plate. The combination makes full use of each other's advantages. Chamber filter plate is quite effective in the first part of filtration, and during the non-production part, membrane plate will significantly shorten the operation time and reduce the dryness of the cake.

Welded membrane plate is an integral whole, and replaceable membrane plate can be separated into core body and membrane. Due to this character, the whole membrane plate should be replaced whether core body plate or membrane has damaged. This will increase production cost.


  • Substantially reduce the moisture percentage of filter cake.
  • Reduce the filtration time and improve production efficiency.
  • Complete separation of the membrane squeeze medium and the filtrate to avoid chemical actions.
  • Pip-shaped molded structure prevents the membrane from laying flat on the body plate. A uniform distribution of the squeeze medium enables the membrane to expand evenly and creates a uniform squeezing effect on the filter cake.
  • Thickness of membrane is between 3 mm to 4 mm.
  • Operation pressure is usually rated at 7 bar to 16 bar.
  • Maximum working temperature is up to 120°C.

Core body plate can be manufactured by polypropylene, synthetic rubbers such as EPDM, NBR, and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers).
Flexible synthetic rubbers are very suitable for difficult and uneven formation of cake.
TPE or thermoplastic elastomer combined the main advantages of polypropylene and rubber, features good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance by heavy metals.

Feed eye
Feed eye positions are often center feed, corner feed, and external feed. Other special feed positions are available for special orders.

Standard Size and shape
Size: 470, 630, 800, 1000, 1200, 1250, 1450, 1500, 1600, 2000 mm in squares.
Shapes can be square, rectangle and round.
Larger or different shapes are available for special orders.

Welded membrane filter plate has central feed eye, two drain holes at the top
Welded membrane filter plate has two drain holes at the top and side leakages, which will enlarge drain area and shorten filter cycle.
Membrane filter plate has a corner feed eye and three drain holes at other corners
TPE membrane filter plate is very suitable for corrosive slurry such as the slurry containing heavy metals
Welded membrane filter plate used in beer production
Welded membrane filter plate has two drain holes at the top and side leakages, which will enlarge drain area and shorten filter cycle.
Black rubber membrane plate has a central feed eye fixed by a metal ring
Membrane filter plate uses rubber membrane for its good flexibility and compatibility with most solvents.
Membrane filter plate with gaskets at the four corners
Gasketed membrane filter plates containing 'O' rings around the sealing edge form a tight seal chamber.

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