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Filter plate and frame with adjustable cake thickness

Filter plate and frame is common used for solid-liquid separation. Its individual chamber is filled with slurry to be filtered, and the cake produces on the filter cloth. The cake is dewatering by increasing the pressure in the chamber.

The embedded filter cloth usually includes polyester and polypropylene, which have a good resistance to corrosive slurry as well as high tensile and tearing strength.

Filter plate and frame with embedded filter cloth
Filter plate and frame recessed area is embedded with polyester filter cloth.
Filter plate and frame comes in PP for hygiene and chemical resistance
Typical filer plate and frame in square shape.

External feeding to maximize the filtration area
Filter cloth is easy to handle and clean.
Filter cake thickness is adjustable usually from 10 mm to 60mm.
Not suitable for high requirements of filter cake dryness.
Colors come in white and green.

Filter plate and frame is made of polypropylene (homopolymers or copolymers) or other polypropylene modifications. The high-strength PP has excellence resistance to acid and alkali, corrosion, oxidation.

Pressure and Temperature
Maximum operating pressure for filter plate and frame is rated 5 or 7 bar (72 or 101 psi) depending on the thickness of the plate. While the working temperature for filter plates and frames are depended on other factors, including filtration pressure, the chemical composition of the slurry and the cycle period. Usually, its working temperature ranges from -5°C to 120°C.

The most common sizes are in square, such as 250, 300, 400, 470, 500, 600, 630, 800, 915, 1000, 1067, 1118, 1200, 1220 mm.
Odd shapes or different sizes are also available on special orders.

Chemical industry.
Food and beverage industries.

Filter plate and frame in different sizes
Filter plate and frames come in diverse sizes from 250 mm to 1220 mm. Other special sizes or other different shapes are bespoke.
Filter plate and frame has a corner feed eye
Filter plate and frame used in chemical fiber industry.
Filter plate and frame has one central feed eye, four drain hoses at the corner
Filter plate and frame has been improved to enlarge inlet and outlet area to quicken the filtration process. 

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