Filter Plate Returns Us a Green and Clean Earth

There are four kinds of filter plates on the picture with different configurations.

Boegger Industech Limited has been striving for a leader in the field of filter plates. We have been engaging in developing and innovating new products to meet with the strictest requirements of filter plates. Our goal is simple - just make our planet greener and cleaner. Our filter plates are mainly focused on membrane filter plate and chamber filter plate. They have been employed by a lot of fields and have received good reputation both at home and abroad.

A good filter plate is to make the waste water or other waste slurries into reusable resources. Membrane plate either welded or replaceable is the premier choice for a filter press, for they can not only reduce operation time, but also reduce filtrate loss and save follow-up costs. They are fabricated by PP, synthetic rubber such as NBR, CR, EPDM, and toughened rubber, ceramic and other special material on special order. These materials can withstand high working pressure and will not be affected by corrosive solutions.

Apart from using the best materials, our professional engineers have improved their performances, such as shortening operation time, extend their life span and so on. For example, the unique design of enlarging inlet and outlet to minimize the filter cycle.

Boegger Filter Plate Company believes that our hard work will receive recognition and do something to build a clean and comfortable environment for the human beings and all the beings on the earth.

Hot Products

Chamber filter plate is popular among chamber pressure filters, and cooperated with membrane filter plate to improve efficiency and shorten cycle time.

Welded membrane filter plates provide an effective method to improve filtrate efficiency and can be used alone or combined with chamber plate.

Replaceable membrane filter plate features easy replacement, low maintenance cost, longest life span and reuse.

There is one filter press and four filter plates with different configurations.

We devote ourselves to bring forth a commendable array of filter plates and provide our customers with comprehensive technical support. Our engineers take a hand-on approach, working closely with customers throughout the whole project of pressure filter to address our clients the most complex challenges.


To achieve a robust and cost-effective solution, we offer the most complete line of filter plates to fit the needs of pressure filters with various types in almost every industry.

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