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Replaceable membrane filter plate available for diverse fields

Membrane filter plate is designed with replaceable membrane through caulking groove
Replaceable membrane filter plate construction

Replaceable membrane filter plate can be roughly separated into three parts - core plate and two membranes. This special construction gives its capability of replaceable membrane apart from the main advantages of welded membrane filter plate. Once the membrane has been damaged due to aging or external forces, just replace the membrane without using a new membrane plate. What is more, the membrane replacement can occur in the filter press.

Note: Replaceable membrane plates must be cooperated with chamber filter plate.

Easy membrane replacement even after a couple years of operation
Core body plate and membrane can be fabricated in different materials.
Standard thickness of the membrane is rated at 3 mm to 4 mm.
Follow-up maintenance cost will be much lower.
Standard working pressure ranges from 7 bar to 16 bar.
Working temperature is up to 120°C.

Various materials are used, such as polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), synthetic rubbers such as EPDM, NBR, and PVDF. The individual part of replaceable membrane filter plate can be made of different materials to meet with diverse applications.

Feed position
Standard: center feed, corner feed, head feed and external feed. Other special feed positions are manufactured for particular purposes.

Standard size
470, 8000, 1000, 1200, 1300, 1500, 2000 mm in square shapes. For odd shapes or larger sizes are available for special orders.

Replaceable membrane filter plates come in different sizes and feed eyes
Diverse sizes of replaceable filter plate are manufactured. Special sizes or shapes are also customized.
Replaceable membrane filter plate with central feed eye
Rubber membrane filter plate features good flexibility and is compatible with most types of slurry.
High pressure replaceable PP membrane filter plate
High pressure membrane filter plate suitable for extremely high working pressure
Rubber membrane filter plate with head feed eye
Replaceable membrane filter plate uses metal ring to lock the membranes and core plates. It is widely used for rubber is quite compatible with a lot of kinds of slurry.

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