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How to select the right filter plate

Filter plates are vital components of pressure filters. Their performances determine the filter cycle, cake dryness, the quality of filtrate as well as the life span of the filter plate.


Filter plate is directly contacted with the slurry and works under certain pressure. Hence, its material should meet the following requirements:

  • Wide range of applications.
    Slurries to be filtrated may contain corrosive components such as acid, alkali, oils, heavy metals or a complex of solutions. So, the material should be compatible with the slurries without chemical action.
  • Good mechanical behavior.
    The material should not deform or be damaged under a certain operation pressure.
  • Good sealing capability.
    Most filtration process runs in an individual and sealing chamber under a rated pressure. If the sealing condition is not good, the pressure will drop and the cake production will decrease at the same time.
  • Long life span.
  • High working temperature.
    The material should withstand continuous temperature of 120°C.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean.

Filter plate type and specification

There are four types of filter plates to be selected - filter frame and plate, chamber filter plate, welded membrane plate and replaceable membrane filter plate. Each has its own characteristics and the most suitable application.

  • Feeding pressure to some extent determines the time of filter cycle. Generally speaking, the higher pressure means the shorter filter cycle.
  • Feed eye position.
    Appropriate feed position can reduce the operation pressure of the pump and loss of filtrate.
  • Inlet and outlet area.
    The larger the area of inlet and outlet is, the less operation time use.

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